Our Location

Denver Colorado Addiction Treatment

Our outpatient treatment center is located in beautiful Denver Colorado. In addition to the impressive food scene here, which boasts a huge range of highly nutritive and locally sourced fresh farm-to-table options, we chose this location because it’s central to all of Colorado and the many outdoor-related activities this area has to offer. Moreover, True North utilizes the incredible natural surroundings to encourage our clients to engage in exploring the outdoors, finding fulfilling activities that fit your preferences to promote a long term recovery-oriented lifestyle. Spending time in the great outdoors, being filled with awe and wonder, all while facing a challenge of self has been a pathway to self-discovery for all mankind since the beginning of time. And even in these modern times, those methods still ring true.

From the peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the wide open spaces of the Great Plains, there is a wide array of options for adventure. Challenging oneself to try new things and get into nature will always produce a feel-good result. Rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, game sports (handball, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball), skateboarding, camping, running, are just a few of the many ways Coloradoans pursue overall health and well being in this epic landscape.

We invite you to come and find out what awesome adventure life has in store for you!