Meet the Team

Bryce Givens, Executive Director

Bryce has worked as an executive in public and private companies for over five years. He is the Founder of Elevate Recovery Homes, which provides transitional housing support and personal development services for men in recovery. He also serves on the board of directors of All the Way Well, Inc., a local non-profit that provides fitness, community support, and social resources and services to persons struggling with substance misuse in the Denver Metro region.

From 2008 to 2011, Bryce studied Operations and Information Management at the Leeds Business School and was a starter on the University of Colorado Boulder football team. Bryce started working as a sales and marketing executive for a technology business in Denver in 2013, which went public on the OTC BB market after a reverse merger.

However, Bryce’s most crucial life achievement has been his admission of addiction and subsequent recovery. Substance abuse devastated his football career and personal life until he ultimately relented and sought assistance.

Bryce’s journey was not without setbacks and infractions, but these experiences have built his foundation for continued recovery. Sharing your experience, courage, and hope with other addicts in the hopes that they, too, might obtain help and achieve freedom from addiction is a fundamental principle of recovery. True North is Bryce’s endeavor to reach out to as many hurting addicts as possible and share his story, strength, and hope.

Monica McIntyre, Clinical Director

Monica is a global citizen who has excelled academically, professionally and as a wife and mother of four children. A native of Costa Rica, Monica grew up in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. Moreover, she attended college in the U.K. and completed her undergraduate degree in the U.S. Upon graduation she worked in the U.S. for a number of years with Hyatt Corporation. Afterwards, Monica launched an internet startup in Argentina focused on providing customization of Latin America travel. In 2000, she began pursuit of an MBA at Thunderbird, Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, AZ. While there, she met her husband and father of their four children.

Monica first heard of human trafficking around the same time her fourth child was born in 2009. Her world turned upside down for the suffering that was happening and the little awareness there was about it. From that year, she decided this was her vocation and dedicated her time and energy to help fight human traffic and support its victims. Monica returned to school to become a Licensed Professional Counselor with a focus on complex trauma. She took jobs working with children, supervising court mandated visitations, and provided therapeutic services for sexually abused children.

Moreover, she worked for a number of years at the Colorado Crisis Services, Colorado’s crisis services and National Suicide Prevention hotline. During her final year there, she was asked to help adapt and implement the Hispanic/Latino crisis and substance misuse program to be provided to the Hispanic Colorado population.

Additionally, Monica is NMT (Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics) certified with the ability to carry out brain mapping in the space of complex/developmental trauma. She launched Lifeline Counseling LLC which provides crisis and suicidal stabilization therapy for adolescents and adults. Additionally, Monica currently runs a home for young women in Costa Rica under her 501(c)3 Aftercare International. She speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese and English. Monica enjoys sports including traveling to participate in triathlons with her husband internationally.