Mission & Values

We see it as our mission to assist our clients in discovering their true self in order for them to live a happier and healthier life in complete recovery. We believe that all of our clients are entitled to a safe environment for recovery, where you can focus on doing the internal work instead of worrying about the things going on around you. This means safe, inclusive, and supportive partnerships with our staff. It also means that you are in control of interactions with other clients and outside connections. We will also teach you tools and resources to be more in control of your choices moving forward, and for what lies ahead beyond treatment.

A Message from our Founders

True North Recovery Services was born from the combination of experience in the areas of sober living, the understanding of life experiences and trauma as a precursor to substance use, and the purpose of giving back to under served communities. We view recovery from the lens of relational healing, evidence-based practices and an understanding of the power of wellness as a pillar in the long term relationship to life.

Finding Your True North

When someone is in a pattern of active addiction, a life in sobriety may seem unlikely or even unwanted, and the path to recovery may be obstructed by obstacles in an unclear future…

We embrace the ideology that in order to overcome these things each person must find their own “True North”. An internal compass of authenticity, which when realized, can guide you towards a lasting sense of gratification and contentment in your life. The idea is very simple, yet difficult to achieve in real-world scenarios without support and guidance.

It is a commitment to fully invest in self-examination through the otherwise hidden passages toward deeper knowledge of (and eventually, a full acceptance of) one’s true self. What drives you? Which activities bring you joy? What pulls on your heart strings? It is a personal journey of discovery which reveals itself as it unfolds… each step leading to the next as you go, in pursuit of the sweet spot where your passion intersects with your values and purpose. You’d probably agree anyone would be more inclined to pursue a treatment program with these elements at the center of your recovery plan vs. something cookie cutter and irrelevant to you.

Just as a compass only unlocks a reliable direction if it can read its true north pull, we know individuals will only find lasting sobriety when they find their truest and deepest purpose. We help you discover your internal compass to find your inner True North.