Denver Mental Health Professionals

As a like minded organization working in the mental health industry, we pride ourselves on creating bilateral relationships. If you’re an industry professional and are concerned that your skills are unable to meet your clients’ needs with regards to addiction, we’re here to help. Although primarily work with Denver mental health professionals, we have experience working with individuals from all over the country.

If you’re a psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health industry professional, we can assure you of several things. First, we will care deeply about fostering a strong relationship with you and your client. Our goal is to provide them with the best addiction treatment possible, pure and simple. Secondly, as long as your client signs a release agreement to allow flow of information from our organization to you, we are happy to facilitate a strong working relationship. We look forward to creating relationships across various industry professionals.

Call our team today to learn more about our program and how we can help your client succeed in addiction recovery.