Our Health and Wellness Program

A core belief of True North is the integration of fitness and nutrition into every fiber of our program. We know the importance of utilizing proven therapeutic techniques but we also know how valuable a holistic approach can be.

We firmly believe that fitness and nutrition are integral in recovery and maintaining a long and happy lifestyle. Physical activity is great for the body, according to a 2016 NCBI study, the inclusion of physical activity into one’s daily routine can effectively increase abstinence rates. We know sobriety doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and we need to replace what is being taken away with something that is being added. Luckily, we have an incredible tool which makes sustained sobriety more attainable. The natural result of exercise and movement is feel-good chemicals that are released into the brain, more agile muscles that make day to day living more enjoyable, and stronger muscles in both mind and body. This kind of conditioning is metamorphosis. It transforms you into being that person with a life well-lived.

That being said, we want to mind one’s physical ailments and learn to work around them. In any case, a workout routine, especially in early recovery, is helpful for creating positive behavioral change and stimulating the release of natural endorphins. In conjunction with a fitness program, nutrition is incredibly important for helping your body recover from illicit substance use. Under normal circumstances, proper nutrition can bring about increased energy, liveliness and overall feelings of health. This is incredibly important for people who have been abusing their body’s and minds with substances, regardless of the substance or the amount of time they used it.